VAT Accountant for UK VAT Return

When and how to do VAT Registration for VAT returns with HMRC

Value Added Tax, in short known as VAT. It looks simple BUT infect is very complex side of indirect taxation. Maintaining business records for VAT can be daunting task for some businesses. We can assure you quality work on VAT matters and timely submission to HMRC.

We can also help you with your VAT investigations if required.

Lets run through very common Q&As related to VAT

Why do I have to register for VAT?

You don't have to register for VAT straight away once you start business, as you grow you might reach certain thresholds for compulsory vat registration for example if you are selling goods to EU countries you might have to register for relevant country's VAT scheme under Distance selling rules or your turnover in UK reached vat threshold therefore have to register. Please contact us for personalised review on vat

When do I have to register for VAT?

When your total turnover subject to VAT (including Zero rated supplies) reaches the VAT registration threshold, you need to register by the end of the following month. For example, if your turnover exceeds £85,000 for the twelve months to 30 Sep 2017, you need to register for VAT by 31 Oct 2017. Please note 12 months period is rolling period and NOT your year end

Which software is best for VAT?

There are plenty of options to pick from, please have a look at our Online Accounatncy Software section for this

When do I have to file and pay VAT return?

You have to normally file VAT return a month plus seven days from the end of your VAT quarter end date and make any VAT payment too. For example: If your current VAT period runs from Jan 2017 to March 2017 and you pay by Faster Payments, your next VAT deadline will be 7 May 2017.

What kind of VAT scheme should I register for?

This is not easy question to answer in few lines, its best to have in depth review of your business first. To name some VAT scheme please see list below and to add more complexity to puzzle these scheme might carry different basis for accounting i.e Accrual basis or Cash basis.

  • Cash accounting scheme
  • Annual accounting scheme
  • Flat rate scheme
  • Standard VAT scheme
  • VAT margin schemes

What if there is error on VAT return?

Things can go wrong hence HMRC has tolerance provision for correcting errors on VAT returns subject to certain rules and limitation. Here is the link for more details on VAT Errors Corrections

What are penalties for non compliance to VAT rules?

It can be very costly to intentionally ignore VAT rules or unknowingly can get you into trouble. Please read through this guidance on VAT non compliance penalties.

I am late for my VAT registration, now what?

It is best to register for VAT on time else it would end up in late registration penalty. This can be costly BUT prompt action on becoming aware of delayed situation and contacting HMRC can help mitigate factors for bringing penalties down.

Will new flat rate VAT rule apply to me?

Please have a look at our March 2017 news letter for more details on new Flat rate VAT rules starting for April 2017

How to verify EC based customers VAT number?

This is very important step to perform to get VAT zero on goods sold to EU based business customer, failure to get this right can cost you a lot. You can perform this check on EU website through what is known as VIES

How can I register for VAT and how long it takes?

It can take few weeks after your application for VAT registration. You will hear from HMRC via email and in post. If you application gets through for VAT registration, you would receive VAT number and certificate showing your VAT periods and VAT registration start date

What about VAT paid on expenditure before incorporation?

You can reclaim VAT on items before you incorporated company subject to strict rules. In short for Goods its 4 years and Services 6 months. Its not that simple as it sounds, we suggest read through this guide in detail on reclaiming VAT on Purchases made before incorporation

What about VAT paid before VAT registration date?

Again it is similar situation with reclaiming VAT on Purchases made before VAT registrationIn short for Goods its 4 years and Services 6 months. Reading guidance in details is highly recommended.