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  1. Export Online
  2. Dodgy director issues
  3. HMRC warning to agents (accountants)
  4. Naming and shaming on National Minimum wage
  5. Tax Resident status
  6. First Aid Regulation changes
  7. Dividends Calculator


New support to help 7,000 businesses export online : The UKTI ‘Grow Online, Expand Worldwide’ campaign will deliver training and advice to SMEs and provide funding to help improve their web capability over the next 2 years.


Proposals to enhance the transparency of UK company ownership and increase trust in UK business. This will help prevent illegal activity; better enable companies to be held to account; and provide businesses, investors, employees and consumers with confidence that companies are acting fairly. Ensuring that we know who really owns and controls UK companies.


Agents who advertise as registered or authorised agents of HMRC
Some tax agents advertise their services by using the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) logo or stating that they are 'registered' or 'authorised' agents of HMRC. This is unacceptable.

HMRC believes that this is misleading because it implies that these agents have been endorsed by HMRC. HMRC does not approve, accredit or endorse anyone.

Tax agents must register with HMRC in order to deal with the department on behalf of a client, but this is a process purely to enable agents to interact with the department.  

The HMRC name and logo is protected by crown copyright. If HMRC becomes aware of misleading claims or advertising, the department will take legal action. The majority of tax agents comply with HMRC's requirements for advertising but there are firms who will continue to promote themselves in this inappropriate way.


In line with the recommendations of the Low Pay Commission, on 1 October 2010 BIS announced a scheme to name employers who flout NMW law. The scheme came into effect on 1 January 2011. A revised scheme came into effect on 1 October 2013. This document sets out how the scheme will operate and the criteria for naming employers.


How your residence status and your domicile status affect the payment of tax in the UK on foreign income or foreign chargeable gains: and the remittance basis of taxation.


First aid regulations :As of 1 October 2013 First Aid Regulations have changed, removing the requirement for HSE to approve first aid training and qualifications. Guidance is available to help duty holders with the changes.


Dividends Calculator
I have designed a new dividends calculator so that a reasonable monthly dividends figures can be worked out to overcome the issue of overdrawn dividends. Please note it is illegal to withdraw dividends when there are not enough distributable profit available with company. Please visit my site for details on how calculator works.